Submitting the application

How to submit an application in the name of a legal person?

The account of the legal person must be connected with the account of the private person. First, create a personal account, log in and click on the link “Create a new applicant’s account”. Then, you will be able to choose, whether you are acting in the name of a natural or legal person. In order to submit an application in the name of a legal person, please select the legal person and submit an application acting as a legal person.

How can I change my details?

In order to change your details, log in and select, in whose name you are acting. You can change your details by selecting “My details” from the above menu. Click on the pencil sign and change both your personal details and those of your registered legal person.

Only the user can change details in a user account. Employees of the Cultural Endowment are able to change details of applicants in their system that is connected with sending application responses and contract and report forms.

If I am applying in someone else’s name, whose bank details shall I enter?

When submitting an application, please enter your own bank details, not those of the person, in whose name you are submitting the application. For example, if you are applying for funds from the Cultural Endowment for birthday support for person X, still enter your own bank account number in the application.

In case you forgot your password / user name

In case you forgot your password or user name, you can recover it easily in the e-kulka environment by selecting “I forgot my password” under the log-in box and by filling in the required fields. The programme will send a new password or reminder of your user name automatically on your registered e-mail address (only the address saved in the system of the Cultural Endowment). Please notice that letters may be directed to junk mail from time to time, so make sure to check that folder as well!

You can also log in, using your ID-card or Mobile-ID. In this case, you can change your password under “My details” yourself.

In case the aforementioned options are unsuccessful, call the office of the Cultural Endowment on working days between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

When can I submit an application and when will it be reviewed?

You can always submit an application to us, but the applications are reviewed four times a year. Review meetings of applications are held within a month following the application submission deadline.

Until what time can I submit an application?

An application may be submitted until the midnight (i.e. 12 a.m.) of the application submission deadline. Deadlines for submitting applications are 20 February, 20 May, 20 August and 20 November. In case the application submission deadline falls on a public holiday or Sunday, the application submission deadline is prolonged by one day (e.g., if 20 February is Sunday, applications may be submitted until the midnight of 21 February).

I started filling in the application at the time of application submission deadline, but the application was registered in the system of the Cultural Endowment 15 minutes after midnight. Will my application be reviewed in this distribution round?

No, the application will be reviewed in the next distribution sound (i.e., the one held in 3 months). Submission of applications for one distribution round ends at 12 a.m. of the last day of the round.

I wish to submit an application, but I am not a member of the board of a legal person and I have not been authorized.

In order to submit an application in the name of a legal person, you must have the right to represent that person (this includes the case, where you are a contact person connected with the project). The Cultural Endowment does not require official proof of right of representation. Later, when a contract is concluded with the legal person based on your application, a signatory or a person with the right of representation of an association (e.g., member of the board) must sign the contract.

How can I submit an application to several endowments?

In order to submit an application to several endowments, please note that you wish to submit an application to several endowments / expert groups and tick all the endowments / expert groups, where you wish to submit an application of the same topic. Make sure to prepare applications of the same topic as one application, do not submit them separately!

I wish to organize a smaller event in Tallinn; can I submit an application to the expert group of Harju County?

No, the Harju County expert group does not support smaller events held in Tallinn. Expert groups support events held in counties.

Can I submit an application directly to the supervisory board of the Cultural Endowment?

No, an application cannot be submitted directly to the supervisory board of the Cultural Endowment. The application must first be submitted to an endowment that will forward it to the supervisory board of the Cultural Endowment, if necessary.

How should I word the objective of using a grant?

The objective should give an overview, be brief and in the nominative case. It must contain the name of project or exact objective of using the grant (e.g., “Organizing XX Festival”, “Participation at the XXI Century Festival: transport expenses”).

How should I determine the term of using a grant?

The term of using a grant is the period, when you plan to use the support received from the Cultural Endowment, not the time when the event takes place.

What kind of annexes must the application have?

Every endowment / expert group has its own principles of distributing funds that we advise you to read before submitting an application. Since every endowment / expert group has its own requirements for annexes to applications, please check, which annexes the specific endowment / expert group expects a submitted project to have. Distribution principles are available on our website.

How can I add supplementary materials to the application?

In the application page “Annexes”, there is a plus sign for adding files and a minus sign for deleting files. The maximum number of files that can be added to an application is 100, the total volume of which may not exceed 100 MB.
Files will be uploaded when you save or submit an application. As supplementary files of an application, we prefer files with the extensions .doc/.docx, .rtf, .xls/.xlsx, .pdf, .odt, .jpg and mp3. Please submit larger files on a CD/DVD, USB drive, paper or another data medium (as a rule, the data media are not returned to the applicant).

I delivered annexes to the application, because they could not be sent in digital form. Can I get the additional materials back?

As a rule, we do not return materials annexed to the application, because they are integral parts of a submitted application. If necessary, you must notify us upon submitting an application of wanting back the submitted annexes. In this case, we will return the additional materials to you.

How should I fill in the budget table in the application?

In the application budget, you will first have to note the expenses to be made within the project (e.g., advertising, transport expenses, work fees, etc.) and the sources for covering the planned expenses or income. On the funding page, you will have to note the amounts that you hope to receive from the Cultural Endowment (the applied amount) and from other sources of funding (e.g., the Ministry of Culture, the Council of the Gambling Tax Act, etc.), as well as self-financing. The self-financing must amount to no less than 10% of the total budget of the project. Income and expenses must be equal.

In the funding part, there is the endowment and/or expert group in the pre-filled lines that you ticked on the first page.

How should I fill in the budget table, if I am applying for a creative grant?

A budget is not required when applying for a creative grant. If you wish to submit an application for a creative grant and e-kulka asks you to submit a budget, you have selected the wrong form. You will have to return to the initial selection and select another form.
You can return to the initial selection from the last page of the application (“Application summary”) by selecting the “Change” option on the endowment / expert group line or the type of project line.

How do I note in the budget that I have received previous funding for the same project from the same endowment?

In case you have received support from the same endowment to which you are submitting an application, this has to be noted in the budget and the distribution round from which the project received support has to be written in the response deadline box (e.g., if you received support for your project from the IV distribution round of 2015 and you are applying for extra funding from the II distribution round of 2016, you will have to write the amount applied for from this round behind the name of the endowment, and under than, again the name of the endowment and the already allocated amount).

I filled in the application, but cannot submit it.

The application is ready to be submitted, but the titles of all pages are green. Check, whether you have ticked the box in the bottom of the page, by which you confirm that you have read the funding conditions of the Cultural Endowment.

Can I review the submitted application?

You can review the submitted application in the e-kulka environment, under the option “Applications”.

How can I be sure that the application I submitted has been received?

You will receive a response by e-mail when the application is received. In case you have not received a response, first check the junk mail folder of your e-mail account. Receipt of an application can also be checked on the website, where there is an option “Submitted applications“ under public information. By entering the name of the person that submitted the report, you can check, whether we have received the application.

In case all the aforementioned options fail, we advise you to check your account, whether everything is filled in properly and if the application has been submitted.

When will I get the decision about my application?

The decision is usually made one and a half to two months after submitting an application.

You are notified of the decision via e-kulka and by e-mail or by phone, so we will always remind you to check your e-mail!