The Traducta programme supports the process of translating and the publications of literary fiction, poetry, drama and illustrated children’s books. The publication must be intended for a general audience.

Only private persons (translators) are eligible for the translator's salary.
Only legal persons (publishers) are eligible for the publication grants.

The following are excluded from consideration:
  • scientific, academic and educational works
  • popular fiction or popularised nonfiction
  • general cultural and art criticism
  • publications (e.g. bibliophile or special editions) of limited availability
  • self-published manuscripts
  • unaltered reprints

To be eligible for Traducta support, publishers are required to make a considerable effort in terms of editorial rigour as well as marketing, promotion, and distribution to bookshops, libraries and through specific media. The book must be distributed nationwide through recognised general book-trade channels and remain available in ordinary bookshops for at least two years.

To apply for translator’s salary or a publication grant you must apply via e-kulka online environment or submit a standard-format application by email to

The requirements for applications are specified in the Traducta programme statute. Please follow the requirements in the statute and on the application forms.