General terms and conditions for grants and scholarships

Grant and scholarship contracts are concluded between an authorised representative of the Cultural Endowment and the recipient of the grant/scholarship or an authorised/legal representative of the recipient.

The contract sets out the purpose of the use of the support, the amount of the support and any additional terms and conditions laid down by the expert committee in its award decision.

The support will be paid out by transfer to the recipient’s bank account. If the expert committee has not set additional payment terms in its award decision, the Cultural Endowment pays the support amount within 10 working days after the contract enters into force.

The contract enters into force upon return of a signed copy by the recipient to the Cultural Endowment. The Cultural Endowment enters the contract signed by the recipient in its register and the effective date is the date of entry in the register. In order for the contract to enter into force, the aforementioned date need not be marked on the copy of the contract left with the recipient.

If the recipient of a targeted grant has not signed and returned the contract to the Cultural Endowment within 90 days of the day the Cultural Endowment sent out the contract, the recipient loses the right to the grant and the Cultural Endowment may redistribute the support.

The terms and conditions of the contract may be amended only on the basis of a written application and the decision of the expert committee upon the agreement of the parties. Amendments are formulated as an annex to the contract.

Disputes arising from the contract must be resolved by the parties by way of negotiations. If an agreement is not reached, disputes must be resolved on the basis of Estonian law.

Grant/scholarship contracts are prepared either in duplicate, whereby each party will receive one hard copy of the contract, or in one electronic copy digitally signed by both parties.