Creator’s salary

1. The purpose of the publicly-funded creator`s salary is to enable a creative individual to dedicate themselves to a specific creative activity or task aimed at creating a work protected by copyright or related rights, to receive reasonable compensation for this work, and to cover the taxes prescribed by law.

2. The creator’s salary can be applied for by natural persons for themselves.

3. A fixed-term service contract is concluded for the payment of the creator’s salary.

4. The creator’s salary is generally divided by the number of months in the creative period and paid out monthly.

5. The creator’s salary may also be paid out over a shorter time than the creative period. In this case, the endowment decides on the number of payments and the time frame for making the payments, ensuring that one payment is made in each calendar month. Payments may be designated for the start or end months of the creative period or for a specified period after the completion of the work. A creator’s salary may also be designated for a single month.

6. The recipient of the creator’s salaryis entitled to health insurance if the social tax calculated on the gross amount of the salary is equal to or exceeds the monthly minimum obligation of the social tax for at least one month. A new gross salary amount is determined annually. This will be based on an agreement between the government and employers and ensure health insurance coverage. Typically, this amount is the minimum wage for the previous year.

7. Applications for the creator’s salarymust include:

  • A description of the work or performance that is to be created
  • A schedule for the work or performance
  • The applicant’s professional CV, list of completed works and/or a web link to their portfolio