The “Ela ja sära” grant

The objective of paying grants of the Cultural Endowment is to enable creative persons and sportsmen to obtain knowledge or skills, develop their abilities and commit to scientific or professional activity.

The Cultural Endowment pays the “Ela ja sära” (live and shine) grants, creative, sports, study and professional grants, as well as the creative house and visiting critic grants.

The “Ela ja sära” grant

The “Ela ja sära” grant is awarded to creative persons on top form to enable professional commitment.

Up to 16 “Ela ja sära” grants are awarded every year (2 in every area of culture).

The amount of the “Ela ja sära” grant is 18,000 euros per year.

Application for receiving the grant may be submitted by natural persons.

Application for the “Ela ja sära” grant is declared on 20 April at the latest. The application shall be submitted to the Cultural Endowment via the website by 20 May.

The application must include:

  • creative portfolio of the last two years
  • creative objectives for the grant period
  • information concerning the primary occupation and other grants awarded for the same period

The “Ela ja sära” grant is awarded by the supervisory board of the Cultural Endowment based on proposals made by the endowments.

The Director of the Cultural Endowment shall enter into grant contract with the beneficiary.

The grant is paid in equal parts once a quarter.

The “Ela ja sära” grants are paid from the funds of the supervisory board of the Cultural Endowment.