An endowment is a structural unit of the Cultural Endowment whose function is to distribute the money appropriated to a specific area of culture by the supervisory board of the Cultural Endowment on the basis of submitted applications and on its own initiative (the Cultural Endowment of Estonia Act).

The structure of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia includes 8 endowments:
  • literature          
  • dramatic art
  • music                    
  • audio-visual art
  • visual and applied arts
  • folk culture
  • architecture      
  • physical fitness and sport
  • and also interdisciplinary projects

  • The endowment panel consists of seven people active in the corresponding area of culture who are nominated by organizations in this area of culture. The membership of an endowment panel shall be approved by the Minister of Culture. The term of authority of a panel is two years, the members of a panel shall perform their functions until a new membership of the panel is approved. The same person may belong to two consecutive panels. Every endowment nominates one representative to the Supervisory Board of the Cultural Endowment.

    Information for applicants:

    The operation of the endowment is coordinated by a Curator of Endowment, who gives information about the application, the principles of allocating scholarships and grants, the allocation of grants, and reporting.

    You can find the contact details of the employees of the cultural capital office here

    You can submit an application electronically via E-KULKA. If you have any questions, please contact the Curator of Endowment or the office of the Cultural Endowment at 6999 150 or kulka@kulka.ee