The purpose of the Architecture Endowment is to support enhancement of architectural creativity and social sensitivity. Architecture, interior architecture, design, art research and theory, landscape architecture, protection of historical architecture and other areas are supported.

The Architecture Endowment awards grants and benefits and gives awards to physical and legal persons that are active in Estonia and represent Estonia.

The Architecture Endowment finances:

  • high-level projects that contribute to the promotion of the sphere of architecture in Estonia,
  • improvement of awareness about architecture, documenting and introducing architecture locally and internationally;
  • promotion of architecture-related activities outside of the capital;
  • documenting, recording and researching contemporary architecture or architectural heritage.

The Architecture Endowment awards project, activity, creative work, life`s work, medicinal products, funeral and jubilee benefits in accordance with its objectives and based on received applications.

The project benefit is intended to promote, introduce, popularise, publish architecture-related works, commemorate individuals involved in architecture, participate in the top events of the professional field etc. Applications submitted for the project benefit are reviewed four times a year. A condition of award of the Architecture Endowment project benefit is cost-sharing or co-financing at least 10% of the total amount of the project`s costs.

In addition to the project benefit, the Endowment awards the activity benefit to artistic associations of the area.

The Endowment supports creative persons of the area with the creative work benefit that both physical persons and legal persons for physical persons can apply for four times a year.

The Architecture Endowment supports meritorious creative persons involved in architecture with the life`s work benefit: one-time and regular life`s work benefit are awarded. The highest limit of the one-time life`s work benefit is 2,000 euros and applications can be submitted four times a year. The Endowment also awards the jubilee benefit to individuals involved in architecture that celebrate their jubilee. Professional associations can submit applications for award of this benefit four times a year.

Professional associations may also submit applications for award of the medicinal products benefit and the funeral benefit to the Endowment.

The Architecture Endowment supports commitment to creative work (including writing works, research, translation, organisation and curatorship of exhibitions etc.) four times a year based on applications and at their own initiative with the creative grant.

To support studying, the Endowment has established the study grant which purpose is to support master`s and doctoral studies abroad with up to 2,500 euros in an academic year.

Special grants of the Architecture Endowment:

*The critic grant 2,000 euros which purpose is to promote popularisation of Estonian architecture. The grant is intended to support creative people of the area to increase the level of architecture critique and journalism and to bring architecture closer to a wider public. Applications can be submitted four times a year.

*The visiting critic grant 1,300 euros which purpose is to introduce Estonian cultural life in international media and thereby obtain exposure of Estonian culture on the international arena. Legal persons can apply for the grant four times a year.

*The study travel grant ranging from 2,500 to 10,000 euros which purpose is to facilitate exchange of knowledge and creating international research contacts. Master`s and doctoral studies of successful students of creative specialties in foreign universities are supported with the grant. Applications can be submitted by 20 May.

The Endowment makes awards to acknowledge creative people of the area and their achievements and inspire them, also to acknowledge the organisations involved in architecture.

The Endowment`s annual award up to 5,000 euros which purpose is to acknowledge spectacular achievements in Estonian architecture, encourage the development of architecture area and raise its prestige in society. Proposals for giving the annual award for objects that were completed last year can be submitted by 1 May.

The life`s work award 12,000 euros which purpose is to acknowledge long-term activity and contribution to the development of the area. Proposals for giving the life`s work award can be submitted by 20 November.

The acknowledgement award ranging from 300 to 2,000 euros which purpose is to acknowledge commitment of creative people to their professional field that have influenced the development of the area and to inspire them in their further professional activity. Proposals can be submitted four times a year.

The competition award is designed to acknowledge creative people that have achieved success in creative or professional competitions. Awards are made on the condition that the terms of the particular competition have been approved by the professional association. Applications for the competition award can be submitted four times a year.