The Baltic Culture Fund issues grants for 2023

The Baltic Culture Fund committee decided to support eight projects for a total sum of €300.000.  

The competition received 31 applications for the total amount of €1.697.099. The expert committee selected eight projects, allocating the total amount of €300.000 available in the program. Four projects in the visual arts field, two music projects, one project in performing arts field, and one architecture project were supported. All projects are aimed at promoting the international recognition of Baltic culture outside the Baltics.


Following projects were supported in the Baltic Culture Fund program in 2023:

(Name of the project, sum allocated, project applicant, field)


1.     Ghosts of Impossible Present; €35.000; Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art; Visual Art

2.     Baltic intervention the international Sequences XI festival; €45.000; Estonian Centre of Contemporary Art; Visual Art

3.     Baltic Illustrator’s Exhibition "Telling the City"; €25.000; Centre for School Improvement; Visual Art

4.     The Balts. Contemporary art exhibitions, performances and discussions, dedicated to the legacy of Marija Gimbutas; €40.000; Roots to Routes; Visual Art

5.     The Baltic Pavilion at WOMEX 2023; €45.000; Music Information Centre; Music

6.     Resonance of the North: Promoting Baltic Early Music in Eastern Europe; €25.000; Riga Early Music Centre; Music

7.     Baltic Dance international presentation in 2023-2024; €55.000; Latvian Dance Information Centre; Performing Arts

8.     Baltic Session 2023; €30.000; Dei Arh; Architecture