Foreign publishers can apply for financial assistance to cover a proportion of printing costs. The amount granted is based on the direct printing costs. The printing costs of the translated book must be stated on the application form. These costs must be based on a valid cost estimate from a printing house. The production grant may not be used to cover expenses such as image processing, graphic designer fees, royalties or shipping costs.

Traducta expects the publisher to send 5 copies of the translated book to the Estonian Cultural Endowment as soon as it has been published. If Traducta would like to receive more copies, this will be stated in the official confirmation letter.

Subsidies are granted on the condition that the publisher agrees to state in the book that publication was made possible (or aided) by a subsidy from the Estonian Cultural Endowment, Traducta.

It would be appreciated if you also print the logo of the Estonian Cultural Endowment.

Applications for foreign editions already published will not be considered.